Our Services

We, pontes pabuli GmbH, have extensive knowledge and experience in recycling secondary raw materials such as sewage sludge, animal meal, slurry and fermentation residue ash. Our know-how and expertise allow us to produce marketable fertiliser products from these phosphate-containing residues.

We see ourselves as a bridge between previously lost nutrients and the utilisation of these valuable resources. We are an enabler for developing valuable innovative ideas and processes into production maturity. We carry out projects together with our partners.

We would love to work with you as your development and implementation partner for phosphate and nutrient recycling. We can offer you custom solutions and services from our range of offerings according to your wishes:

Innovative Development Service Provider

Got a nutrient-rich waste material or looking for sustainable recycling methods? We use our technologies, our know-how and our market knowledge to create sustainable solutions and recycling concepts either together with you or on a contractual basis.

Reliable Plant Installation

Looking for the right technology to implement it? We work in cooperation with reliable plant installers who are able both to supply complete recycling plants as general contractors and to provide tailor-made components for process chains within your existing recycling system.

Sustainable Recycling Plant Operation

Don't fancy taking care of the recycling yourself? Our reliable partners would be happy to conclude a long-term contract with you and take care of the recycling and plant operation.

Competent Fertiliser - Distribution

Don't want to be responsible for marketing your own fertilisers? We and our partners will gladly take care of it. Through our partners, we have direct access to the agricultural sector and can handle the logistics without a hitch.

Customised Nutrient Fertilisers

Looking for a reliable and long-term source of fertiliser? We would be happy to negotiate supply contracts with you for defined quantities. You can decide on the required level of product quality. We’ll adapt our formulas and processes accordingly.

We develop phosphate from combustion residues for a sustainable nutrient cycle and create high-quality fertilisers. Cost-effective and low in pollutants.

Pontes pabuli - The Nutrient Bridge
Pontes pabuli - The Nutrient Bridge